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      Synthetic magnetic anomaly due to two source bodies  Geophysical Software Solutions
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      GSS home
      Potent v4.16.07 released February 2018
      Visit Downloads page for details.

      Welcome to the Geophysical Software Solutions (GSS) home page. GSS is a small consultancy specialising in the analysis and interpretation of potential field data acquired in the course of all types of geophysical surveys, and in developing software to facilitate these tasks.

      Please browse the other pages of this site for more information. In particular, our software offering includes:

      • Potent, a powerful interactive application for complex modelling of gravity and magnetic data in three dimensions.

      • PotentQ, a simplified and streamlined version of Potent that allows rapid semi-automatic modelling of a single magnetic and/or gravity anomaly. PotentQ is tightly integrated with

      • EM-Q, which provides a simple and quick way of using moments of the impulse response to interpret a transient electromagnetic (TEM) anomaly. EM-Q is run from

      In addition, as part of our consulting activities, we offer custom software development for specialised purposes.



      Pdyke and Pblock

      These are two simple gravity and magnetic modelling programs.


      Aggregate data from multiple PotentQ modelling runs into a single text file.

      Software for processing down-hole magnetic data

      Recover geographically referenced magnetic components from the measured tool-referenced components. The output file can be imported into Potent for modelling.




      Simple Potent workspace (click to enlarge)
      Simple Potent workspace
      (click to enlarge)



      xổ số quảng nam quay thử
      Pdyke freeware
      (click to enlarge)